I’m interested in alternative modes of being, thinking, and making sense of the world… an alter-logical, multi-sensory intellect that stretches beyond the safety of cerebral and verbal certitude and that holds links to the private worlds of: home, heart, land, and body.  While working with materials and imagery associated with the realms of home, heart, land, and body (domestic discards, used textiles, micrographs of plant life etc.) I study their visual language as well as create new ones. There, a mélange occurs: material, mind, body, nature, senses, and impulse, co-mingle in an unhindered, play-making process.  This process leads to playful hybrids that exist & thrive outside of dualistic paradigms and instead in less sensical more sensuous & sensory realms, inviting their encounterers to do the same.  The work aims to reveal alternate routes toward understanding oneself and the relationship to our surrounding world.